Wild Flower Pavé Diamond Bracelet

The Designer bracelet Graff is inspired by high fashion designs with established icons, made with 925 sterling silver and class AAA zircon, matching with according branding packages.

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Wild Flower Pavé Diamond Bracelet

Name Wild Flower Pavé Diamond Bracelet
Material 925 sterling silver, class AAA zircon
Model DB4, RGB515
Length 18 cm, adjustable
Product Description

Four diamond flowers blossom upon our Wild Flower bracelet, unique down to every petal. Arranged with a wild touch, the two different styles of flower are exquisitely crafted to stand out, for an effect of both delicacy and strength. The Wild Flower collection is an invitation to escape into a garden that grows just for you. From trios and individual blooms to floral clusters and blossoms laid out in a row, each Wild Flower jewel is a statement of delicacy and of empowerment, designed to be worn in profusion.

Materials and Care

King’s Lab jewelry is made with high-quality, selected materials. For longer product life, please handle it with care, use a soft cloth to clean and polish it and store it separately. In compliance with  the current international regulations, this piece has been produced using hypoallergenic materials.